Agile Customer Centricity Manifesto

Agile's Customer Centricity Manifesto (ACCM) for Sales, Marketing, HR and More

Agile's Customer Centricity Manifesto - Acknowledging Agility's Elephants in the room

SPRINT 2 Meeting was held on March 31st, 2023 @ 10AM EDT

The Agile Customer-Centric Manifesto (ACCM) recognizes that there are 'Elephants in the room' we often forget in Business and its Sub-Functions: People, Diversity, respect for Privacy and More.

We’re breaking down silos, promoting cross-functional collaboration, based on Social Responsibility and Advocacy for Internal and External Customers, within Business Agility and all the Business Sub-Functions - We are 'reverse-engineering' what Agile's Customer Centricity Manifesto is based on inspirations from diverse Manifestos such as Development, Marketing, Sales, People and HR Agile Manifestos, as well as Sources such as Scrum Values, Declaration of Interdependence and Agile Value linkages Research.

Focus on Humans! The Importance of our Internal and External Customers

Business Agility Communities, Agilists and Practitioners, are uncovering better ways of ensuring Social Responsibility and Advocacy for Internal and External Customers by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:


#1 Human interactions (respect for people and diversity) over processes and tools. Click to See Value #1 Link

People-Centric, Human Interactions

#2 Obsession for fulfilling customer needs and creating value (outcome) over focusing on irrelevant work and communication (output) Click to See Value #2 Link

Customer-Centric, Value-Focus, Reducing Waste

#3 Cross-functional engagement with customers in frequent interactions and shared ownership over contract negotiation Click to See Value #3 Link

Collaborative, Inclusive, Iterative, Feedback

#4 Responding to change over following a static plan Click to See Value #4 Link

Flexibility, Responding to Change

#5 Learning through experiments and data over opinions and conventions Click to See Value #5 Link
Autonomy, Objectivity, Continuous Learning

#6 Transparency (building trust and respecting customer privacy) over secrecy Click to See Value #6 Link

Culture, Psychological Safety, Social Responsibility


From Iteration Sprint 2

Join as a Signatory of the Manifesto.

#1 Customer Satisfaction is based on Value.

#2 Embrace Customer Change Requests.

#3 Deliver Working Solutions ASAP.

#4 Dialogue and Listen to Customers Every Day or as often as you can.

#5 Customers Deserve to Deal with Trustworthy and Motivated Employees.

#6 Customers prefer to 'Put a Face to the Name'.

#7 Solving the Real Customer Problem is the primary measure of progress.

#8 No one is Superhuman, maintain a sustainable and constant pace.

#9 Continuous attention to technical excellence and Customer Experience (CX).

#10 Less is more — Focus on the outcome not on the output.

#11 Let Teams Decide their Way of Working to Delight the Customers.

#12 We all Learn to be Better Together.

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Agile's Customer Manifesto Sprint 1 Signatories from The Business Agility HUB and Sprint 0 C. Martinot and T. Hormaza (2022) is licensed under Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

Sprint 1 Signatories

The Business Agility HUB Express Sincere Thanks to the Signatories

Agile's Customer Manifesto Signatories

Christophe Martinot
Thomas Hormaza Dow
Pia-Maria Thorén
Stéphane Hamel
Tarek Riman
John Cass
Kevin Anding
Zoë Merchant
Flavia Paluello
George Lellis
Christopher Vestal
Tanya Legault
Jaka Kladnik
Ann Lockquell
Guillaume Marchal
Michael Seaton
Teresa Bonick
Alain Bessette
Deborah Ghisolfi
Sebastian Kambert
Melissa Girard
Viviane Paul
Ahmed Mohareb
Marielle Roozemond
Peter Kosmala
Alejandro Aguirre
Artur Zaluska
Ingrid Polakova
Sergio Fuentealba
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Sprints and Progress

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Sprint 0 was held July 22nd, 2022

Sprint 1 was held September 28th, 2022

Sprint 2 was held March 31st, 2023

Sprint 3 will be held in 2024

2024 - Review of Values and Development of Principles with Business Agility HUB .

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